Which 32 LCD TV Should I Get?

If you are looking to buy a 32 LCD TV then you've come to the right place! We've done the leg work for you and researched the market to find what we believe are the best three 32 inch LCD TVs that you can get at the moment.

We've looked at the price, the technology on offer to enhance your viewing experience, the ports it has, the motion response time, the reviews people have given it online and multiple other factors, to choose the best of the best.

One thing I'd like to say before we get stuck into our top 3 picks though, is that while you may want a full 1080p resolution TV, then in my opinion as you get to screen sizes of less than 37 inches, then it doesn't really offer much improvement compared to the larger sizes as the screen isn't big enough to showcase it. So we have 2 1080p TVs in the top 3, and then a 720p one as well.

Here are our top 3 picks and why:

Best Value 32 LCD TV - LG 32LH30

The LG 32LH30 is a great TV for the price, it comes in at usually around $429.99 (at the time of writing on Amazon.com) and for that you get more technology and features that in other TVs that cost $100 more!

So to start with you get full HD compatibility with 1080p, plus you get a fast 6ms motion response time which means you won't lose any of the action in a fast paced movie, I'd suggest a minimum of 8ms for this setting, and lower is better, so at 6ms this TV really delivers. You also get a 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ration, I know most people say this number is mostly meaningless as manufacturers just keep hyping up the numbers to huge figures, and over around 15,000:1 then you are not going to recognise much improvement, but it is nice to have (the contrast ratio is the difference a screen can display between its darkest and lightest parts, so with a better contrast ratio then in dark scenes in a movie you'll get more detail showing up rather the surroundings blurring into a dark grey blob).

You get a good range of ports including v1.3 HDMI ports too, but you don't get an SD card slot or USB connectivity (See the 32LH40 below for that) so you can't connect up devices to show off your photos.

The TV also uses invisible speakers built into the surrounding of the screen which are Dolby 5.1 compatible and help to project the sound around the room rather than throwing it at you instead. Combine that with 'Clear Voice II' technology which is supposed to isolate speech from the audio and enhance it so you can make it out over the background noise (a problem in lots of films) and on paper it should have excellent audio characteristics. Yet of all the attributes then the sound quality is probably the one people struggled with the most, the majority of people love it, but it isn't as special as you'd think based on the technology involved, the 32LH40 below has 4 speakers instead of the 2 in this TV so that would help to improve it.

You also get a picture wizard to help you finetune the picture once you get it, just another example of how easy to use they have made this set.

So you get a great picture, a good brand name, lots of tech and good but not great sound, all for less than $430 which is one of the cheapest 32 LCD TVs we've seen, that's why this is our top pick and probably why this is the #2 selling TV on Amazon.com at the moment (not the number two selling 32 inch TV, the number 2 selling TV of any kind, only a 55 inch Samsung LCD TV is beating it at the moment!)

LG 32LH30 tech spec:

Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Motion response time: 6ms
Contrast ratio: 50,000:1
Audio: 2 x 10W invisible speakers (with Dolby Digital 5.1)
HDMI ports:
3 (v1.3)
ENERGY STAR® compliant: Yes
Online reviews: Excellent
Helpful tech: Clear Voice II technology isolates and enhances speech so you can hear it over background noice, picture wizard makes fine tuning the picture easy.


Best Looking 32 LCD TV - Samsung LN32B460

It is hard to compete with the LG 32LH30 above so this is a tough spot for the Samsung LN32B460 to be in, but we wanted to mention this TV as it ticks a box that the LG doesn't really, it looks great!

Now before we discuss the TV then you have to know it is a 768p not the full 1080p, but as I said in the intro then at this screensize you'd be hard pushed to tell the difference, so in my opinion this is just as good.

Ok let's discuss this TV then, so you get a good spec which is comparable to the LG, you get a 6ms motion response time (some TVs that cost over $500 only have an 8ms response time!) and you get the same 50,000:1 contrast ratio, plus you get the fancy v1.3 HDMI ports (3 of them). You also get 2 speakers, although these are just in the bottom like most LCD TVs.

So what's different? Well you get technology to enhance the colours on the screen, and you get a special 'Game Mode' which enhances the contrast ratio and the motion response time so players can get the most out of their games. Then you have the looks, LG have styled theirs like everyone else, it is just a screen surrounded by a shiny black border and that's it, Samsung have taken the time to craft this into a much better looking piece of kit instead.

You get a splash of red added to the bottom of the unit to help break up all that black, and then you get a transparent bezel at the bottom to break up the harsh rectangle shape of most TVs, and the neck of the stand is transparent too so it almost looks like the TV is floating!

This TV is about $20 more (at the time of writing on Amazon.com), so you are getting less resolution for slightly more money, but if you like trendy looking things and you don't want your TV to be dull and drag down the surroundings, then this is probably the TV for you (and if you play lots of computer games!), if you don't care how it looks and just want the best tech, then stick with the LG.

LN32B460 tech spec:

Resolution: 1366 x 768
Motion response time: 6ms
Contrast ratio: 50,000:1
Audio: 2 x 10W speakers
HDMI ports: 3 (v1.3)
ENERGY STAR® compliant: Yes
Online reviews: Excellent
Helpful tech: Has a 'Game Mode' which temporarily enhances the contrast ratio and speeds up image processing to keep up with the fast paced action. 'Wide Color Enhancer 2' technology to... well enhance colour like the title suggests!


Fully Loaded 32 LCD TV - LG 32LH40

This LG 32LH40 is the big brother of the 32LH30 which is our first pick, and the reason this comes right down here at the bottom is because while it gets more tech, then it costs around $620 so it is a lot more expensive than it's baby brother.

(They also do that silly thing on Amazon where they won't tell you the price until you put it in the cart - oh please save the hype Amazon! So that price is the one we just found after adding it to our cart)

You do get some noticeable improvements though, you get 4 HDMI ports now, AND you get a USB 2.0 slot for connecting up devices and getting content off them. You also get 'Intelligent Sensor' technology which adjusts the picture to the rooms lighting conditions which is quite cool. Plus you get 4 speakers now instead of 2, although the power output is still only 20W.

But the biggest improvements are in the picture quality, you get a 70,000:1 contrast ratio now which is nice for bragging rights but not much else, and then you get a blistering fast 2.7ms motion response time, which is incredible! You also get 'TruMotion 120Hz' technology so your 60Hz signal is upgraded to 120Hz to help eliminate any motion blurring.

LG 32LH40 tech spec:

Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Motion response time: 2.7ms
Contrast ratio: 70,000:1
Audio: 4 x 5W invisible speakers (with Dolby Digital 5.1)
HDMI ports:
4 (v1.3)
ENERGY STAR® compliant: Yes
Online reviews: Excellent
Helpful tech: Has a USB 2.0 port to connect devices into an display images or play mp3 files from. Clear Voice II technology isolates and enhances speech so you can hear it over background noice, picture wizard makes fine tuning the picture easy. TruMotion 120Hz technology converts your 60HZ signal into 120HZ to reduce motion blur and improve image quality. Intelligent Sensor technology adjusts the picture to match your lighting conditions.


So depending on your budget and your needs, then you have 3 great 32 inch LCD TVs to choose from there, we wanted to include the Samsung LN32B550 in the list too, but there seem to be some problems with it dying after a few months, and then the customer service and repair/replacement service is like chewing on rocks, so we couldn't recommend that to anyone.


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